Let's Get Started: My Unfolding Platform


It has been 2 weeks since I declared my candidacy for House District 75 and already it has been a terrific experience. You cannot believe how supportive and excited friends and neighbors are about my plans. With the launch behind us, I look forward to meeting our neighbors so that I may understand our collective concerns.

Beginning The Dialogue. As citizens of Newport we face challenges - I plan to discuss the issues so that we can have a full conversation about the things that we all care about: quality of life; environmental and economic stability and resilience; and open, transparent and activist government.

My Unfolding Platform. Over the weeks and months ahead, I will be writing to you, outlining my vision for Putting Newport First. The unfolding platform will be a series of emails which will define my priorities as your Representative. Stay tuned!

Right now I am asking you to be part of my campaign. I am planning a number of events over the summer and hope that you will be joining me. Your help in this campaign is critical. I will need your support on September 9th to win the primary.

Here is What You Can Do

Volunteer to represent me in your neighborhood
Click here to volunteer with Lauren.

Host a small gathering of your friends and neighbors
Click here to host an event to meet Lauren.

As always, I encourage anyone with questions or comments to call me at 401-523-1143 or email me at LaurenHCarson@gmail.com.

I am Putting Newport First!

Lauren Carson

Friends of Lauren Carson
Isabel Griffith, Treasurer