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Thank You Newport, RI

Dear Voters,

On behalf of myself and my many campaign volunteers, I want to thank you for having the confidence in me to represent RI House District 75.

The campaign has been a wonderful, humbling experience.  I loved seeing the community engaged and I am glad that I contributed to that momentum.

But I am also writing to say that the work begins today, let's keep the momentum. As a freshman woman legislator in a notorious old boy network, I will still need the help of Newport voters. It is my intention to stay closely connected to our community - together we will advocate for Putting Newport First.

I also want to thank Peter Martin for his years of stewardship in Newport.  I know he will remain active in his many projects and I wish him the best in all his future endeavors.

I am already preparing to meet the RI House leadership. I am ready to govern. Thank you for your confidences. 

-  Lauren

PS. I hope you will fill in the form below and sign up to stay in close contact with me. I plan on being a very accessible representative and being on my email list will allow me to keep in contact with you.