Lauren's Accomplishments, 2015-2016

Lauren's Accomplishments as a Legislator, 2015-2016

  • Held 10 Newport Constituent meetings in first 18 months

  • Chaired a House Special Committee on Tourism

  • Secured $300,000 for Discover Newport for local tourism marketing

  • Supported Ethics Reform Legislation

  • Supported overhaul of Campaign Finance and Lobbying laws

  • Supported income tax exemptions on social security, veterans, private and military pensions

  • Stopped legislation to permit State takeover of mooring fees and harbor management

  • Stopped legislation to overdevelop Goat Island

  • Sponsored legislation to prohibit the sale of powdered alcohol in Rhode Island

  • Chaired a House Special Commission on Flooding and Sea Rise

  • Secured $100k for training for municipal zoning & planning boards on flood plain management

  • Co-sponsored legislation to phase out cesspools in Rhode Island

  • Co-sponsored legislation to require free play in schools grades K-5