Carson for Rhode Island General Assembly

Dear Visitor,

I am very excited to announce my candidacy for the Rhode Island General Assembly House District 75.  I am running because I believe that I am qualified and ready to serve Newport and I am Putting Newport First!

With this in mind, I ask for your support.

My purpose in seeking this seat in the General Assembly is simple: I believe that public service is incumbent upon all of us. My years of experience as civic leader, small business owner and community advocate in Newport have prepared me for this next step. I am asking for your support on this journey.

Newport is a Very Special Community.

I intend to be an activist Representative. I will remind the Rhode Island Assembly that Newport is a world renown community and it is the star of our State. I also commit to our shared vision of Newport, the community that we love.  

I will be Running a Grass Roots Campaign

I am counting on you to join me in this winning race.  I am the candidate of challenge and change. My commitment to local and state issues makes me a dynamic choice for the Rhode Island Assembly. Join me to create a campaign that includes all the voices of Newport and speaks to our most important concerns. 

Now is the time for leadership grown out of taking on the Rhode Island’s toughest challenges and winning. My commitment to local and state issues is what makes me a clear choice for the Rhode Island Assembly.

I will support economic vitality, environmental resilience and the quality of life that has drawn us to live and thrive in this special place. 

I encourage anyone with questions or comments to call me at 401-523-1143 or email me at LaurenHCarson@gmail.com.

I am Putting Newport First!

Lauren Carson

Friends of Lauren Carson
Isabel Griffith, Treasurer