20 Newport County Residents & Their Influential Ways

Newporter Lauren Carson is more than just an active member of the community; she belongs to several organizations including Newport Energy & Environment Commission, Clean Water Action and Alliance for a Livable Newport that strive to make our home an environmentally conscious place. “I’m a child of the 60s, when civic activism was everywhere,” says Carson, who is working diligently to bring sustainable events here. “We are ready to do this, we’re already recycling and conserving in our homes, and when we go to a public event it’s limited. And sustainability is more than just recycling, it’s about conserving water, limiting waste, banning water bottles, using alternative transportation such as bikes or busses, and composting. Last year there were eight events; this year we’re hoping for 20. I will continue to be active until I see sustainable events protocol become city policy.” 

Newport Life Magazine. May 9th, 2013.  Read more